Honda concept D

Many plans exist in Honda’s future. One of the worldwide famous hatchbacks is Civic. This car is the most popular in US, and there is no competition for it. However, other parts of the world are separated in popularity of this segment. For example, the fastest growing market, China, is not conquered yet. Nevertheless, one of the plans is intended to this country. According to information and rumors, Honda concept D is platform of future hatchbacks for Chinese buyers. What’s more, this concept is going to be used for some crossovers. We assume that hatch made on it will go to full-size class.

Honda concept D

Honda concept D engine

There is no much of information about the drivetrain of the Honda concept D. Since we know that hatchback is borrowing some parts from SUV department, we guess engine is one of them. If that’s CR-V’s unit, then we have 2.0-l drivetrain as base unit. Furthermore, it could be bigger, 2.4-l engine, under the hood of concept D. Compact HR-V can offer 1.8-l engine. Also, another advantage for drivetrain from HR-V is popularity of this model in China. Fuel-economy is another big condition, since Chinese buyers are economical. The last mentioned engine can make 30 mpg combined. All-wheel drive system and CVT automatic transmission are certain for Concept D.

Honda concept D rear view

Honda concept D design

The Honda concept D vehicles will be positioned between hatchbacks and small crossovers. Advantages of both classes are used. On the other hand, styling could be tricky in these mixes. Wheel arches are huge. Front grille is without slats. Side skirts are unique, and car has LED lights installed for daylight running. Entire front end is revisited, with minor changes suffered. Dashboard is modern, or even futuristic. Nevertheless, it is also very functional and easy to use. Information from company say that we must expect spacious vehicle. There could be five comfortable seats and maybe even seven in some higher trims.

Honda concept D interior

Premium materials and hi-tech features are clearly making their way to Honda concept D cars. Also, inspiration for new vehicle can come from existing models. Finally, we are sure that new concept brings sensational look and unique styling.

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