Presentation of the Honda EV-STER concept was held at Tokyo car show back in 2011. However, latest knowledge claims that upcoming cars won’t be similar to what everyone saw. These are words from headquarters. It seems like designers and engineers are looking for best solution for vehicle. It should be lightweight sport car, probably similar to tiny vehicles from 90s. Nevertheless, it is just a concept which won’t be implemented in few years. Fuel economy, design and performance must be compatible to each other.

Honda EV-STER Concept

Honda EV-STER hybrid

One thing is sure – hybrid mechanism is going to be source of power for new concept. From what we’ve heard, system used for Honda EV-STER is something between the ones used on S2000 and CR-Z. We mustn’t exclude total electric powering if engineers manage to make it soon. By then, new EV-STER platform is using petrol engine in combination with electric batteries. This eco-friendly car pairs standard petrol engine with 10 kWh Li-Ion electric motor. Distribution of power goes to all four wheels. Only with electric power, car can go around 100 miles. Charging is reduced to 6 hours. Output, which is not so important, is around 80 hp. Electric vehicle can go up to 90 mph, which is impressive result.

Honda EV-STER Concept

Honda EV-STER redesign

We know that Honda EV-STER platform is going to be used for small cars. According to what we saw in Tokyo, width of vehicle was 59 inches. Presented car was convertible, and without roof. Anyway, productions model surely come with a fabric top. Further questions are about powertrain, which also leads to styling. We can see different grille or lights for different trims. Inside, the Twin Lever Steering system could be used instead of classic wheel. There are few advantages of this system over the classic. First, driver won’t put a lot of effort in fight with G-force. Also, system uses two joysticks for commands.

Honda EV-STER Concept

Honda EV-STER release date

Latest presentation of the Honda EV-STER concept dates back in 2011. Meanwhile, not so many things have changed. This still remains futuristic concept. Also, there is no clear information about dates of release and price. With all data, we believe that cars using this platform won’t appear in upcoming years.

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