Honda FCV concept

Some while ago, Honda presented their futuristic fuel-cell vehicle called FCEV. Now, upgrade arrived as Honda FCV concept. Last year’s car show in Detroit hosted the premiere of it. Now we are sure that platform is in advanced stages of development. A year before FCV, Honda unveiled FCEV, a hydrogen-fuel-cell sedan platform. With this progress, we could see car rolling on this platform somewhere next year. However, we still don’t know about plans of Japanese carmaker. While all fans are waiting for production model, we can search other details about new FCEV platform.

Honda FCV concept side view

Honda FCV concept Fuel Cell

Honda is keeping information about FCEV safe from publicity. However, few things are obvious. First of all, we are talking about hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle, and it is going to be sedan. This revolutionary car could affect many moves on the market. Honda is developing this drivetrain system for about seven years. Back in 2009, Japanese carmaker announced work on it for the first time. We could track the progress through reports from company spokesmen. It seems like there is obvious progress in efficiency and emissions cut. Handling is not affected with special drivetrain method. Also, range of the sedan built on Honda FCV concept will be around 300 miles without refuel. Even when it runs out of hydrogen, refueling takes just about three minutes.

Honda FCV concept rear view

Honda FCV concept design

The Honda FCV concept is futuristic sedan platform, which could come very soon. Dates are still unknown, but development is progressing fast. Designing and building these kinds of cars is not so easy. Parts are special for body, as well as for engine. However, we saw a vehicle with a lot of interesting details. For example, there are LED lights, fender vents, and chrome bands that aren’t present at any other Honda’s product.

Honda FCV concept interior

Cabin is large, entrance is low and interior is elegant. In Detroit, we saw cabin of Honda FCV concept colored in black and white. Touch-screen display is at the center of dashboard. Furthermore, safety will be at top level.

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