2016 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260

The 2016 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260 is coming as a brand-new model. Cooperation of two companies resulted with this motorcycle. Honda’s durability, reliability, quality and comfort, perfectly matched Team Montesa’s plan. This

2018 Honda Civic Type R

Finally from 2018 Honda Civic Type R expected only refreshment. In the previous model, we have seen a redesign. In order to maintain a leading position in its category refreshments will be

2017 Honda S660

The prototype of this vehicle is shown at the Motor Show in Tokyo, where the extremely well accepted by the public and professionals. Production 2017 Honda S660 is expected very soon, maybe

2016 Honda CRF250R

Honda made some improvements on the new CRF250R for 2016 season. However, nothing radical we can see on it. Slight modifications are cool, but diving impression is similar to previous edition. Suspension

2018 Honda Baby NSX

Finally the great return model NSX announcing another sports model from Honda’s workshop. This is a 2018 Honda Baby NSX. This superstar should experience its debut sometime in 2018. There is no

2016 Honda CRF450R

Changes on the 2016 Honda CRF450R won’t be radical, as it was the case with last model. Previous edition got new suspension and engine. By that, handling and power were increased. Now,

2016 Honda CRF50F

If you ride a dirt bike for the first time in your life, Honda has a special model for it. Some call it best entry dirt motorcycle in the world. However, it

2016 Honda CRF125F

Honda is producing excellent dirt bikes. There are many reasons why this segment is very successful. First of all, motorcycles coming from factories of Japanese producer are reliable and durable. Then, performance

2017 Honda S1000

The 2017 Honda S1000 arrives this year as a high-performance sports car. Honda will first introduce this car to market of North America but it is not surprising if it appears, on

2016 Honda CRF230F

When we talk about 2016 Honda CRF230F, we must mention this is one of the most popular dirt bikes for beginners. Nevertheless, not only new users give excellent critics. Some young riders